Therapy for Depression

Addressing the Problem

Are you experiencing feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, or emptiness? Has the pain been impacting multiple parts of your life, including the people you love? Has it been going on a long time? By making a space for it and letting it pass, therapy can address the underlying causes of your emotional pain, returning you to a full life that includes hope, joy, love, clarity, vitality, and spontaneity.

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Relationship Therapy

Intimacy Can Be Hard

Relationships can be a source of both great happiness and unhappiness in our lives. Trying to understand the root of the misery we sometimes feel can be confusing. Therapy can help shine a light on the situation, creating a breathing space and a safe place to work through the issues involved.

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Childhood Issues

Psychotherapy and the past.

Unhappy or unstable childhoods can lead to personal and relationship issues in adulthood. Was your childhood marked by loneliness, confusion, or sadness? Have you had enough of living in the past and want to live more completely in the present? Psychotherapy can help you on your journey.

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