A survey by the Mental Health Foundation revealed that of the 2300 adults in the study group, 19% said they felt anxious a lot or all of the time, and 61% said they experienced anxiety daily.

Yet only 7% visited their GP for help, and 29% were too embarrassed to tell anyone.

A Finnish study published in the BMC tracked 3,471 men and women over 8 years and found those that lived alone bought 80% more anti-depressants than those that lived with others.

If you live alone and are struggling, reach out. Don’t be ashamed of your loneliness. All of us feel it at points in our lives. Consider a flat share or a lodger. Get involved in community activities. Spend time outside. Join a choir or do some charity work. There are many little and easy steps that can lead to dramatic change. If they seem too large or too hard consider seeing a psychotherapist.