Relationship Issues

Are you struggling in your personal relationships? With a parent, sibling or a child? With a partner or a friend? With a work colleague? Is someone important to you causing you unhappiness? Relationships are one of the great sources of both happiness and unhappiness in our lives. Trying to understand the root of the misery…


Pain is how nature lets us know that something needs our attention. Emotional pain can appear in many forms: depression; anxiety; obsessive thoughts; guilt-ridden ruminations; self-esteem issues such as feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy, or shame; indecision and confusion; emptiness, lack of direction, futility; fear of aging and death; unbearable loneliness; work problems and relationship problems.

Childhood Issues

Was your childhood marked by loneliness, abandonment, or sadness? Did you suffer abuse? Are you still suffering? Our childhoods are fundamental in shaping how we relate to ourselves and others as adults.


Addiction is one of the most costly sources of misery in the daily life of many families. Simply put, addiction is a compulsive behaviour repeated over and over again that has negative and potentially devastating consequences. No problem generates more stubborn conflict and confusion in families, friendships and business relationships than the inability to say “no” to an addictive substance or process.