Pain is how nature lets us know that something needs our attention. Emotional pain can appear in many forms: depression; anxiety; obsessive thoughts; guilt-ridden ruminations; self-esteem issues such as feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy, or shame; indecision and confusion; emptiness, lack of direction, futility; fear of aging and death; unbearable loneliness; work problems and relationship problems.

Yet these feelings are the stuff of life. No problem generates more stubborn conflict and confusion in families, friendships and business relationships than the inability to say “no” to an addictive substance or process.

How do we know when the pain we are suffering merits help? One indication is when  the pain lingers long enough causing us continued distress. Another is when the pain is impacting multiple parts of our lives., including the people we love. Therapy can help address that pain, making a space for it and letting it pass. Therapy can address the underlying causes of your emotional pain, returning you to a full life that includes hope, joy, love, clarity, vitality, and spontaneity.

Human potential can be characterized, in part, by the following:

It can be hard to reach out for help, whether you are a man or a woman. But there is no reason for you to live your life in distress. If you are ready for a change reach out today.